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"Hope is a  candle  of light in the darkness."   

- Desmond Tutu

 RandomGood Foundation  



We support grants that help give individuals and communities new skills, support education, and boost local economies.


RandomGood Foundation also supports storytelling projects that convey important messages, regardless of potential commercial value or audience size.


RandomGood Foundation makes grants to people and organizations that are also "radically hopeful", even in the most unlikely places.

Random Good Foundation Board Members

Randy Photographer Snowy Mountain.jpeg

Randy Gebhardt

After a 30 year business career, Randy created RandomGood with the vision of improving quality of life and environmental conservation around the world, sparked by his passion as a wildlife photographer. Before launching RandomGood, Randy was an entrepreneur and consumer behavior expert. He co-founded Quantum Health, a Coordinated Health/Care company that uses behavioral science to help patients navigate the healthcare system. Randy spent 18 years as an international business strategy consultant and has co-authored two university textbooks on consumer behavior and marketing.

Chris Twin Global 3.jpeg

Christopher Gebhardt

Christopher is a leader in using storytelling to drive social impact, applying a strategic framework he developed at his impact agency/consultancy Stir and while serving as Participant Media's EVP for digital, brand, and business development. At Participant, he led the creation of digital communities and created impact agency/consultancy Tag, which had clients Disney, Intel, American Express, MacArthur Foundation, and Gates Foundation. Prior to Participant, he was a pioneer in branded entertainment at Pepsi, Ogilvy-where he was the head of emerging technology and innovation—and as co-founder of Integrated Entertainment Partners. He was also a consultant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and has an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School. He is an Edmund Hillary Fellow and a fellow of the RSA. He teaches at UCLA’s Anderson School and served as Chair of the Ad Council Issue Advisory Board.


Angus Fraser

Angus is an ecologist with over 20 years of international experience leading and delivering multidisciplinary environmental management projects across culturally and ecologically diverse landscapes. Originally from Papua New Guinea, Angus has worked in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australasia. He is passionate about environmental stewardship and the complexities associated with achieving conservation outcomes through the lenses of traditional owners, environmental managers, project sponsors, regulatory agencies, and other key stakeholders. As a photographer, Angus strives to capture the mood and character of people, habitats, and wildlife by exploring their relationships through imagery.


Peter J. Hudson 

Peter is the Former Director of the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences and Willaman Professor of Biology at Pennsylvania State University. He is an internationally recognized research biologist, Fellow of the Royal Society, and member of the National Academy of Sciences. Peter’s love of biology, wildlife, and wildlife photography started at a young age. His research focuses on the ecology of wildlife diseases, especially those transmissible to humans. His research group uses a mixture of fieldwork, laboratory studies, and mathematical modeling to explore disease dynamics. Peter’s work has implications for the control of wildlife diseases and emerging zoonotic spillovers into the human population.

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