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Mara Trails


Mara Trails is an ecotourism and conservation organization that is committed to build awareness on the importance of conservation and to reconnect people with nature through the medium of photography and videography. They provide luxury tented camps in the heart of the Maasai Mara National Reserve with environmentally conscious hospitality.

Make People Better Podcast

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Science fiction is becoming science fact. This 7-part podcast series explores the themes of immortality and spirituality, how gene editing could cure most genetic diseases, the daunting risks of biological terrorism, and how we now have the power to engineer entire species of animals and plants in nature. And it digs into how Hollywood and pop culture has shaped the public’s perception of genetic engineering/gene therapy and other related topics. The podcast is now available on Apple, Spotify, and all other major podcast platforms.



Full of spirited history, Immokolee estate is RandomGood's creative and inspired meeting place for storytellers, scientists, and other "radically hopeful" individuals..

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