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Searching for Amani 

Peter Goetz & Nicole Gormley & Debra Aroko

Searching for Amani, a character driven coming-of-age story set to the backdrop of a climate crisis, follows thirteen-year-old aspiring journalist, Simon Ali, as he uncovers the mystery surrounding his father’s murder. Simon’s father was killed in 2019 while working as a nature guide in Laikipia’s largest wildlife conservancy.


Over the course of four years, Simon searches for the answers his family seeks. As a devastating drought rages through Sub-Saharan Africa, conflict erupts and the collateral damage of a warming world is revealed as he begins to fully understand the forces that led to his father’s death. 


Exploring the life and death of Simon's father catalyzes a nuanced conversation about the changing environment, conservation, and community equity in a time of crisis.

World Premiere:

Tribeca Film Festival in June.

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