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Update: "We Are Guardians" team visits #Cop28!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

At COP28, the film team successfully participated in three major events.

The "We Are Guardians" team, including director Edivan Guajajara, Indigenous activist Puyr Tembé, and impact producer Maira Irigaray, just got back from a busy week at #COP28 in Dubai!

At COP28, the team successfully participated in three major events, each drawing a significant audience! The first event and screening was on December 3rd. It was a remarkable moment, coinciding with the appointment of Sonia Guajajara as Chief which means she was officially representing the Brazilian Government at COP.

This historic context added a special significance to our event! The event was attended by many Indigenous leaders, environmental and press leaders, and special guest: Belgium Princess Esmeralda.

The second "We Are Guardians" event at #COP28 was hosted in collaboration with our amazing partners at Amazon Watch! The event was focused on Indigenous filmmaking and its role in expanding rainforest understanding.

Concita Sompre from FEPIPA (the Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Pará) joined, discussing the film's impact and the essence of Indigenous filmmaking. A big thank you to Amazon Watch Brazil Program Director Paula Vargas for moderating the event!

The third "We Are Guardians" event at #COP28 was organized with our incredible partners Mighty Earth at the Food4Climate Pavilion! The screening was attended by journalists and Indigenous leaders from various regions, including Zac Goldsmith, the former Environment Minister from the UK.

The post-screening discussion explored the themes of the movie and the primary driver of deforestation in Brazil: the meat industry. You can watch the full discussion here.

More and more Indigenous communities are leading the charge in nature conservation, but as Puyr told the audience, "We are all guardians," and we must all do whatever we can to protect nature. Founder and CEO of Mighty Earth Glenn Hurowitz moderaterated this inspiring event.

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