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Update: Forest guardians meet with policymakers in D.C.

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Everyone the team met with was very interested in helping advocate for the health of the Amazon, so it was a successful start to the film's impact campaign!

Last week, the directors of "We Are Guardians" and protagonist of the doc Puyr Tembé met with representatives of U.S. government agencies, congressmen and senators to tell their first-hand experience of the destruction of nature in their Amazonian territories.

The U.S. is the largest importer of Brazilian wood and the second largest of Brazilian beef, two of the largest drivers of deforestation in the Amazon.

The personal connection and testimonies of Puyr Tembé and director Edivan Guajajara were instrumental in educating about the importance of legislation and enforcement to regulate this destructive market behavior as well as the protection of Indigenous lands.

Everyone the team met with was very interested in helping, so it was a successful D.C. visit and start to the film's impact campaign! We couldn't have made these meetings happen without our partner Amazon Watch.

"We Are Guardians" follows Indigenous forest guardians as they fight to protect their territories from deforestation. Through intimate, character focused storytelling, the film brings the issues surrounding the Amazon to the forefront — from the science of the Amazon Rainforest and its pivotal role in our global climate stability to the economic drivers of deforestation.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his team at Appian Way Productions have joined the doc “We Are Guardians” as executive producers, further bolstering efforts to raise awareness about deforestation and the work of Indigenous peoples.

Stay tuned for more updates on screenings and the film's impact campaign.

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