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Update: "We Are Guardians" to screen at First Peoples' Festival in Montreal

This impactful doc is screening at festivals around the world now.

“When indigenous people speak and fight for the forest, it is not just for us, or for our generations, or for the ones that are gone, it’s for the planet. The world will only understand what we are talking about and fighting for, when they start to allow themselves to reforest their minds, to reforest their hearts, to help us reforest the planet, but also to reforest love, affection, peace, fraternity, comprehension and compassion.” -Puyr Tembé

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! We're thrilled to share that "We Are Guardians" will be screening at the First Peoples' Festival in Montreal on August 13th, 2023. You can find more information and tickets here.

This festival celebrates and preserves the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous communities worldwide. It's a true honor to have the film team attend this impactful festival.

"We Are Guardians" follows Indigenous forest guardians as they fight to protect their territories from deforestation. Through intimate, character focused storytelling, the film brings the issues surrounding the Amazon to the forefront — from the science of the Amazon Rainforest and its pivotal role in our global climate stability to the economic drivers of deforestation.

One of the major goals of "We Are Guardians" was to create an experience that activates the audience by the end of the film. The film team wanted to find a way to inspire an inclusive spirit in the journey to help the Amazon, help natural environments around the world, and reconnect to each other. When they heard the poetry and beauty of Marcal’s words which close the film, they found the new title to the film.

"We Are Guardians" felt optimistic, activating, and touched on the deep philosophy that humans are here on earth with the capacity to be healers, guardians and stewards of the earth.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his team at Appian Way Productions have joined the doc “We Are Guardians” as executive producers, further bolstering efforts to raise awareness about deforestation and the work of Indigenous peoples.

Stay tuned for more updates on screenings and the film's impact campaign.

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