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Update: Host an impact screening of "We Are Guardians"

Help reforest hearts and minds by bringing the doc to your community or classroom.

"We Are Guardians" is more than a film. It’s a movement! And now you have the opportunity to join this movement in a very powerful way.

Want to host an impact screening in your classroom or community? We’ve partnered with ROCOFilms to bring the film to audiences all over the world that need to see it.

Your support in sharing the film is invaluable in reforesting hearts and minds by enabling people to connect with “We Are Guardians” in person.

Fill out the screening interest form at for more info.

Through a tapestry of voices, this award-winning documentary provides a raw and intimate look at the lives of those closest to the Amazon and peels back the layers of this critical situation to reveal a story that ultimately affects all of us.

Directed by Edivan Guajajara, Chelsea Greene, and Rob Grobman, and produced by Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens with Leonardo DiCaprio serving as Executive Producer, the film is an exploration of the human spirit and our collective responsibility to protect the fragile balance of our world. Ultimately, it illuminates a path forward, where hope and unity can guide us toward a brighter future for the Amazon and our planet.

Engagement of students on these issues is critical. We also want to

screen the film for corporate executives and policymakers at meetings and events and bring together celebrities, communities, and influencers for screenings to build enthusiasm for the cause.

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