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Update: Become a forest guardian by downloading this new action toolkit

"We Are Guardians" depicts the diverse group of Indigenous people who endeavor to save what is left of the Brazilian Amazon.

It's been an exciting couple of weeks for the 'We Are Guardians" film team! We’re proud to announce that the new action toolkit for the award-winning documentary is now live! You can download it below to share it with your communities.

12.7 Guardian action toolkit-3
Download PDF • 20.06MB

This is a great resource for all those who left the film asking: what can I do to help?

Whether you have just thirty seconds, five minutes, or would like to get more involved, you can lend a hand in saving the Amazon. We strongly believe that financial constraints and busy schedules shouldn’t hinder anyone from joining the battle against deforestation, which is precisely why we offer various ways in this toolkit for people to contribute and become guardians of the Amazon rainforest! Download the toolkit here.

We have thoroughly researched each option to make sure that these options actually help the Amazon so you don’t have to. Download the toolkit here and become a #forestguardian today. #WeAreALLGuardians.

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