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Update: Host an educational screening of "Make People Better"

This is the perfect event to offer to science, biotech, philosophy and ethics communities.

Would you like to host an educational screening of the award-winning docu-thriller “Make People Better”, followed by a thought-provoking discussion on “how to navigate the biotechnological revolution with consciousness” by genetic engineer and filmmaker Samira Kiani?

This is the perfect event to offer to science, biotech, philosophy and ethics students. And we also have you can share with your students after the event if they’d like to dig deeper. Download the guide below.

Make People Better Impact Guide
Download PDF • 15.83MB

About “Make People Better”: The documentary tells the inside story of the first genetically designed babies. As part of the film's impact campaign, we'd love to help facilitate healthy discourse and even debate around the philosophical, ethical, and health implications of gene editing and other related technologies, as well as the role and use of these technologies within society.

About Samira Kiani: Samira started working in the area of genetic engineering in 2010 at MIT and started her own research lab at ASU in 2016. Her work increasingly extends beyond the laboratory: she has a podcast, virtual reality experiences, and theatrical productions in the works.

Samira deeply believes that the power of technologies increasingly call for responsibility, reflection and ethical consideration at the stage of ideation and implementation. In this discussion, Samira will thoughtfully share lessons from “Make People Better” to show how the current culture of innovation can miss out on these important opportunities and dire side effects can happen subsequently. She proposes a new framework for innovation that revisits our relationship with ourselves, our work, our community and the world at large. She will share how soulful innovation will allow us to innovate with care and compassion towards responsible futures.

Fill out this form below or reach out to if interested.

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