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News: Science fiction becomes science reality: Gene editing explored.

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The New York Times recently covered an issue we at RandomGood are very intrigued by: the health, ethical, and philosophical implications of gene editing. CRISPR gene editing technology is already here and it’s important that the general public is exposed to this topic so they can make informed decisions regarding it.

Doctors are already using CRISPR to edit genes that cause hereditary diseases. Biologists are using gene editing on crops, plants, and animals with success to help eradicate diseases, combat pollution, and even fight climate change.

This technology has the power to not only prevent most genetic diseases and completely revolutionize our agricultural system, but it has the potential to transform and disrupt society by opening the door to “designer babies”.

So, what are the ethical and philosophical implications of gene editing, especially when it’s used to edit human embryos for human enhancement? Will it exacerbate inequalities that already exist within society? How will it influence natural selection and aging? How should we draw a line between genetic modifications for health and vanity traits? Or should we draw a line at all?

We don’t have concrete answers to these questions. But we’re dedicated to exploring and pondering these questions so people have a better understanding of this issue and can embark in healthy discourse around this highly-debated, critically-important topic.

That's why we’re supporting a new documentary called Make People Better. In 2018, a Chinese scientist named He Jiankui, created the first genetically designed babies, Lulu and Nana.

Make People Better tells the real story behind this historic event. It reveals an ambitious young scientist who crossed ethical barriers to transform society to be healthier, smarter, and stronger.

The story of these twin girls and the ethical questions it raises is something that could have been torn from the scripts of science fiction films like Gattaca, Prometheus, or Blade Runner. But it’s pretty clear…the stuff of science fiction could soon become the stuff of science reality. And we must prepare ourselves.

Stay tuned for more info about this new film – and this thought-provoking issue – in the weeks and months to come.

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