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Update: "Of Medicine and Miracles" wins 12 awards since premiering at Tribeca!

Updated: May 1, 2023

This powerful doc has picked up many awards and will be launching an impact screening tour soon.

Director Ross Kauffman and leading cancer researcher Dr. Carl June at Palm Springs International Film Festival.

The courageous documentary Of Medicine and Miracles has won 12 festival awards since premiering at Tribeca in June!

We're honored to support this powerful film which follows Dr. Carl June as he attempts to find a cure for cancer using the HIV virus, and in the process saves a little girl's life.

"Tugs on the heartstrings and opens the mind.” -The Hollywood Reporter

"It’s harrowing, suspenseful, and as real as the sight of a child clinging to a life that’s betrayed her at every turn.” -Indie Wire

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