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Field Update: Sharing our snow leopard film with local communities

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

I’ve been screening our film "SHAN: Spirit of the high mountains” in several remote villages in Ladakh, India. The response as been beyond inspiring.

My name is Mohammad Imran. I’m a snow leopard ❄️ 🐆 🏔. expert, naturalist, conservationist, and tour guide. And I started my own travel company. I’ve gathered a great deal of experience in adventure tourism for more than a decade. And over the passage of time, I’ve also become a wildlife filmmaker.

Today, I’m proud to be the Founding Director of Shan Productions (the first production company based in Ladakh, India).

Over the past few months, I’ve been screening my film "SHAN: Spirit of the high mountains” in several remote villages in Ladakh, India for students, government officials, nonprofits, snow leopard/wildlife enthusiasts, and other key stakeholders.

This film is a culmination of more than 6 years of rigorous effort and relentless struggle by my team and I, who endured all the physical and mental challenges of filming the amazing snow leopard in some of the highest, coldest, and most remote mountain areas of Ladakh.

Locally known as "Shan" in Ladakh, snow leopards are very shy and elusive. They are often called the “ghosts of the mountain” because they are so rarely seen and spend most of their lives in solitude.

On International Snow Leopard Day on 23rd October we hosted a special screening which was attended by members of the Wildlife Department of Leh and the Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust, as well as the President of ALTOA, Delex Namgyal.

We were also excited to have Jigmet Takpa, Principal Chief Conservator of the Forest Department of Ladakh, in attendance at this special screening of the film. After watching the documentary, he expressed his wholehearted support for the project and said he would help support the cause moving forward.

All of these screenings helped educate and spread awareness about the snow leopard.

The response to all these screenings has been beyond inspiring. And I’m so excited to continue to share this cinematic labor of love with communities across Ladakh, India, and the world in 2023.

Photos by Mohammad Imran and team.


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