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Field Update: Searching for the elusive snow leopard

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Conservation in developing countries is often a closed-door policy. Filmmakers visit beautiful places and tell amazing stories. Then they leave to show the film to their western audiences. The locals never get to see the final product. Unfortunately, it’s a repetitive cycle all over the world.

But we'd like to help change that. We've been documenting Ladakhi filmmaker Mohammad Imran’s quest to spread awareness about the existence of the rarest cat species in the world, the snow leopard ❄️ 🐆 🏔.

Locally known as "Shan" in Ladakh, snow leopards are very shy and elusive. Scientists have spent years and years in the Himalayan mountains of northern India trying to study these magnificent creatures, yet very little is known about them.

Imran has spent the past six years putting together a doc to show his people. Our mission over the last few weeks has been to share his film with the locals in remote valleys across the region. Oh, what a journey it has been.

Stay tuned for more info about this special project.

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