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Update: "Searching for Amani" to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival!

We're so thrilled to announce that the documentary will have its world premiere in New York on June 8.

Searching for Amani follows a thirteen-year-old aspiring journalist who teams up with his best friend to investigate his father’s mysterious murder within the boundaries of one of Kenya’s largest wildlife conservancies. As a ravaging drought encroaches, his quest to find the killer shifts, and a young activist is born as the collateral damage of a warming world and escalating violence between those most affected is revealed.

A cross-cultural labor of love that has brought together individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives, this project is a testament to the power of collaboration and the potential of film to bridge divides, process grief, and foster understanding.

The film will be included in the Viewpoints section, “Tribeca’s home for distinct points of view and bold directorial visions, Viewpoints discovers the most boundary-pushing, rule-breaking new voices in independent film.”

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