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Update: "UNVEILED: Joyce Tenneson and the Heroine’s Journey" premiered in Sedona!

Updated: May 1, 2023

As a groundbreaking female photographer pursues her artistic vision over 40 years, she struggles to navigate diverging roles as good mother and acclaimed artist.

We have some VERY exciting news to share! Our new documentary UNVEILED: Joyce Tenneson and the Heroine’s Journey made its world premiere at Sedona International Film Festival at the end of February. And it won the "Best Indie-Spirit Documentary" award at the festival.

The film explores the life of a groundbreaking female photographer as she fights to express her artistic voice, and suffers the fallout of a 45-year-old secret. Along the way, the audience must contemplate the many conflicts that arise from being an artist and mother -- and in broader terms, the mistakes and compromises that are inevitably made on the road to living a life of wholeness.

The film is directed by Rebecca Dreyfus, David Wright, and Randy Gebhardt. Check out the trailer here.

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