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Field Update: Time with the Bugakhwe San in Botswana

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The RandomGood team spent a week with a fascinating group of Bugakhwe San in the far north-west of Botswana, learning about their traditional way of living, their intense struggles, their hopes, dreams, and vision for the future.

They had never seen a film team before and were happy to be given a platform to tell their stories. They were just themselves and doing what they always do - not performing for tourists.

Personally, I believe we can learn a lot from indigenous tribes like the San. I consider them the true conservationists as they have never harmed nature in the first place. They live in harmony with their surroundings and only take what is needed to survive. Greed is a virtue that is not supported in their value system. Whatever is hunted or harvested is shared with Mother Earth. No plant, for example, is ever removed completely so that it can keep growing for future generations to come.

However, their future is jeopardized due to the challenges they face today.

It is important that we elevate the voices of indigenous people, which is what we hope to do with our production.

We are truly grateful for this transformational experience and the knowledge we gained which was only made possible with the assistance of Arthur Albertson from the Kalahari Wildlands Trust who has been working with the San for many years.

So, stay tuned for our little film produced for Random Good International about these remarkable people who have most certainly found a way into our hearts and won´t be forgotten any time soon.

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